Somali American youth need leadership and guidance

Minnesota (HAN) May 9.2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. BY: Jibril Afyare. The Somali community leader, ” investing in our youth is very important.”

Somali diaspora youth need leadership and guidance so they can achieve their full potential. Tonight’s reception was to show them that we are proud of them on their participation for the United Nations Model program representing Somalia. Special thanks the best role model mama Farrah M Osman and the parents that invest in their children’s future thank you so much on behalf of the community at large.

somali youth


Clarissa Thebasketball: mom Herrera It was a nice evening, thanks for having the girls and us. We represent Somali-American youth sports but all our girls are scholars as well. What a great way for them to see other opportunities to represent their heritage in Minnesota and across the US. Congrats to this group of young men and women in their delegation. Bravo! When the youth speak out we need to listen

KD Dabagooye Mashallah. They all great children. I was there last year with them on their first event. I am looking forward meeting them at NYC this coming Wednesday. Thank you Jibril Afyare your support was much needed and greatly appreciated. Also big thanks to mama Farrah M Osman ” The finder of this program” only Allah can reward you sister keep it up.




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