Somali American diaspora forced to send money home

New York (HAN) February 5, 2015 – Expert Analysis, Your Power & Regional Influence Magazine, opinion page by Sheiknor Abucar Qassim. In Somalia money transfer crisis, there are currently 7 mobile Somali Hawala operators, offering better and more varied financial services than almost any other country in the World.

“We of the Somali American diaspora are being forced to stop sending our money home to our families because we are seen as possibly funding terrorists instead of feeding and clothing our families. This perception of funding terrorists is unfair, but it is also true that we have lawless people in our nation working for no one but themselves. We must stop them and restore our nation to one which is trusted so that our families no longer suffer so that a small group of our people can illegally prosper”

Somalia is ranked at the bottom of the Human Development Index. The HDI is a yearly report accumulated by the United Nations, which provides a comparative measure of life expectancy, literacy, education, standard of living, and quality of life countries worldwide. It is depressing review of the stage our country is in today and a completing evidence for our leaders to take in consideration and work together. If anything else, it should be a sign that shows the leadership, they should place all their means and energy in reversing these numbers for the betterment of the country. Instead of diverting it with their constant political entanglement that do not help the country.


“Modern banks will always ask lots of questions and ask you to fill in lots of forms, our people are used to Hawala, we know it very well.”

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