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Somali American community thanked Chief John Harrington of Minneapolis

Minneapolis (HAN) August 31, 2015 – Public diplomacy and National Security Initiatives News. The Somali-American Community Leader, Jibril told Geeska Afrika Online reporter by Phone that:

” On behalf of the Somali-American community I thanked and presented Chief John Harrington of Minneapolis Metro Transit Police an award for his leadership, service and commitment for our community”

The Chief had recently visited Somalia for establishing relations between Somali and Minnesota law enforcement agencies, this is a milestone for the Somali Police force to get the necessary tools and training they need in order to protect and serve. Special gratitude and appreciation to all brave men and women Police officers and the Somali-American Police Association, they represent the best of our community.
The Somali American community are proud the leadership and commitment for Sergeant Waheid Ahmed Siraad for his patriotic and exemplary service.

Photos credit Somtv Siyad Said Salah and Sj Hassan for Geeska Afrika Online.


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One response to “Somali American community thanked Chief John Harrington of Minneapolis”

  1. axmed

    Chief Harrington , Thanks for reaching out those in need of your compassion and expertise . I must say you symbolize what the best in the world . The world needs more people like you to make the world a better place than it is Thanks again for who you are.

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