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Saudi King Salman orders Ibrahim Al-Assaf as new Foreign Minister

Riyadh (HAN) December 28, 2018. Regional Diplomacy and International Security. The Saudi Arabian King HE Salman Ibn-Abdulaziz orders to his son to name Ibrahim Al-Assaf as new Foreign Minister

Ibrahim al-Assaf, who was released from detention related to an anti-corruption purge in November, Saudi sources said. After he was seen attending a cabinet meeting earlier this month, a Saudi source said he had been cleared of wrongdoing and retained his positions as minister of state and adviser to the king.

According to Arabnews: Al-Assaf began his career as a part-time lecturer in economics at King Abdul Aziz Military Academy from 1971 to 1983. 

He was then appointed as associate professor of economics and head of the administrative sciences department until 1986. During that time, he was also an economic adviser to the Saudi Fund for Development. 

In 1986, after leaving academia, Al-Assaf moved to Washington, where he represented Saudi Arabia as the Saudi executive director of the International Monetary Fund. 

He left in 1989 and became executive director for Saudi Arabia at the World Bank Group for six years before being briefly appointed vice governor of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency in 1995. 

Al-Assaf then joined the Council of Ministers and became minister of state until 1996, when he was appointed finance minister. 

Update: Saudi Arabia has succumbed to a prolonged slump in oil prices and cut its spending plans, though at what cost to its stability is unclear




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