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S. Sudan second worst governed country in Africa: report

South Sudan is the second worst country after Somalia in all aspects governance, a survey by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation showed.

The survey, which spanned over a decade, focused on how each African nation faired in human development, safety and the of rule of law, participation and human rights as well as sustainable economic development aspects.

Overall, it says, Africa’s countries have struggled to improve their governance in the past 10 years, with South Sudan scoring zero in all the areas of governance.

This, the report stressed, showed that the Africa’s newest nation has not made any progress or improvement in all aspects of the survey, especially last year.

The governance index reportedly measures each of Africa’s countries in 95 criteria, with additional data from Afrobarometer, which polls public perceptions of issues such as corruption, economic opportunity and human rights.

Somalia is ranked in the report as the worst country in the African continent with Ivory Coast, Togo, Zimbabwe, Liberia and Rwanda, respectively said to have immensely improved in the overall governance score sheet in the last 10 years.

The 54 African nations, the report further stressed, collectively contributed only one point on a 100-point scale measuring overall governance since 2006.

Mauritius was ranked Africa’s country with the best governance rating, followed by Botswana, Cape Verde, the Seychelles, Namibia and South Africa. Other countries lowly ranked in Africa were Sudan, the Central African Republic and Libya.




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