S.Sudan: People who fled violence tell us about their lives now

Kampala, Uganda | The Independent | On Feb. 06, Joel Boutroue, representative of United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in Uganda said that over 20,000 refugees from South Sudan have returned home as efforts to restore peace in the war tone country continues. He although said, the recent standoff between opposing parties could see some return.

“We are getting prepared, we are looking at our own reception facilities with the Office of the Prime Minister (Uganda) to be sure we are ready in case,” he said adding that since last year the number of refugees has been reducing . Only 30,000 were received last year and yet last month, the number was still very low compared to the numbers they would register monthly when the conflict was at its peak.

The biggest number of refugees hosted in Uganda comes from South Sudan with recent statistics putting it at over 780,000. In total, including those from the DR Congo, Burundi and other countries, the country hosts up to 1.2million refugees, making it one of the world’s biggest hosts and one with the best hospitality policies for these migrants.



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