S.Sudan: Kiir

S.Sudan: Kiir urges global support to recover Millions

JUBA (HAN) May 9 .2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. South Sudan president Salva Kiir has renewed his appeal for global support and cooperation to recover millions of dollars of public funds stolen and hidden in foreign countries by past and present officials who served in his administration.

“Yes, Dr.Riek has come and we have now formed the government which they [international community] were using as the card to deny providing any support. They have refused to provide any assistance, even loans which we would pay back. They connected them to the formation of the transitional government of national unity which we have now formed. Now that the government they wanted is formed, they have not come forward to provide assistances which they said they would provide. If they did not provide them because they were waiting for Dr.Riek, they should now provide them because he has come, after all the people who would benefit from whatever assistance they will give Dr.Riek are South Sudanese”, Kiir told political a group of his political allies and supporters who went to congratulate him on the formation of the unity government.

President Kiir said he was seeking cooperation with from both regional and western nations to repatriate money stolen from the public treasury and stashed in foreign banks

“We need them to help us not just with humanitarian assistances but also looking for more cooperation to recover whatever that was illegally acquired and stashed in foreign banks”, said Kiir.

It was not immediately clear whether the president was talking about the money for which he sent out letters to 75 officials he accused in 2012 to have misappropriated public funds, including proceeds from the sale of crude oil or other funds.

South Sudan is one of the oil producing countries in Africa and the sector accounts for more than 90% of the value of exports on which it draws much of the national budget.

South Sudanese citizens are frustrated with the performance of the government under the overall leadership of Kiir and are increasingly agitate with the process of reforms.

Analysts argue that reforms can only be achieved if Kiir steps down or accepts to lead by example to restore hopes and build a strong reputation for accountability and rule of law.




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