President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud the reopening of the Ministry of Finance building and the ceremony was attended by ministers, MPs, military commanders, Ministers and the Ministry of Finance.

First, Finance Minister Ibrahim Farkeeti FGS Mohamed Aden said he is happy that this dreamhas come true.

It is worth noting that we have to pay two million dollars, and the government of Sweden donated to us, and beyond the companies proposed to demolish the building, but I’ve decided that the Ministry pay for renovating the building rather than demolish it, “he said.

President of the Federal Republic of Somalia HE Hassan Sheikh Mohamud xirtitaanka event that promises six pillars including the improvement of the Financial System, today successful tiirkaas. “It is a great pleasure today to speed recovery after the country, and the second, which opens today. Four years ago, I promised to make reform of financial management, and we are happy where we are going through with it today, but this issue for all government agencies and cooperate fully with, “he said. “was taking place in the electronic system and can not be confused with, every financial activity is noticeable how it happened and who did.

It dropped the money in cash was used, chaired by the Ministry of Finance and the organic are involved in the system for their paid “. The Ministry of Finance is comprised of 86 rooms and upgrades during one year and makes it easier for people to make their services easier for the ministry.


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