President Omar al-Bashir says U.S. Sanctions are Hurting Sudanese Economy

JUBA (HAN) November 26, 2015 – Public Diplomacy and Regional Stability Initiatives News. Sudan’s President Omer Hassan al-Bashir reiterated on Monday (November 23) that U.S. sanctions represented a barrier to Sudan’s dealing with international institutions. The US imposed economic sanctions on Sudan in 1997.

President al-Bashir He said they deprived his country from debt relief and attracting foreign investments as well as obstructing exports and imports. In his remarks to the17th Africa Oil, Gas and Mines Conference (OILGASMINE) and Exhibition, jointly organized by UNCTAD and the Government of Sudan, taking place in Khartoum this week (November 23-26) under the theme “Extractive industries and sustainable job creation”, President Bashir urged the UN to play a role in removing the disparities between rich and poor nations.

T He stressed that Sudan was affected by the unilateral sanctions and called on the UN to help lift them and facilitate the adoption of a fair global trade system. He said the sanctions had also contributed to an increase in poverty levels in Sudan. The President said Sudan, whose economy had been heavily affected by the secession of South Sudan in 2011had to bear financial and economic burdens resulting from the north-south peace process without aid from the international community.

He briefed the conference on the Sudan Government’s efforts to bring peace through national dialogue with the goal of achieving development, security and political stability. Pointing to the growing freedoms taking place in Sudan, he expressed the hope that the UNCTAD conference would help shift the positions of all parties, including the developed countries to support Sudan’s efforts to bring about a secure, stable and prosperous future for future generations.

President al-Bashir also underlined the need for reforming the international economy and global financial system to help developing countries and support their participation in the decision-making process in international financial institutions. He warned that the existing disparities between rich and poor nations were a major factor in the reduction of the capacity of the United Nations to respond to changes and achieve sustainable development goals. MFA


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