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National Conference on Literacy Commences

Asmara (HAN) September 9.2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. A two day national conference on literacy commenced today, 08 September, at the Central region Hall. The conference is being conducted in connection with the 08 September, International Illiteracy Eradication Day.

In an opening speech he delivered, Mr. Semere Russom, Minister of Education, underlined that education and training are basic elements for ensuring national development and social justice and that the Government is making huge financial and material investment towards illiteracy eradication.

Minister Semere further pointed out that the beneficiaries of the program are women who were denied the opportunity of education, citizens living in remote areas of the country and children who could not attend regular school due to over aged. He also said that sustainable efforts will be exerted to preserve the successes already registered and expand the program to ensure that every citizen becomes beneficiary of the program.

The D.G. of Media and Adult Education at the Ministry of Education, Mr. Gebrezgi Demam on his part indicated that the illiteracy eradication program has been undergoing for the last 35 years and currently the program is being conducted in all regions of the country in 8 languages.

He also said that in the past 25 years of independence more than half a million nationals are able to read and write through the illiteracy eradication program.

At the conference different research papers are being presented by experts pertaining to the literacy program.

During the opening ceremony material and pictorial exhibition portraying the progress of the adult education program and the participation of the public as well as cultural shows were staged.

The International Illiteracy Eradication Day, September 8, is observed for the 50th time at international level and for the 15th times at national level.



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