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Somaliland: Nabiil Abdi Future Peace Maker SYPM

 Hargeisa (HAN) September 21, 2015. Public Diplomacy & regional Security. Nabiil Abdi has established a Somali Young Peace Makers SYPM in order to strength the peace and stability. He is taking Up the Peace Day Challenge with the lead of U.S Institute of Peace USIP and my Generation Change Fellow from the Middle East and African. So let’s take an Action of Peace because Peace is Action

September 21st is the International Day of Peace! Take up the Peace Day Challenge with U.S. Institute of Peace and Generation Change Fellows. Ahead of the International Day of Peace, which is marked each year on September 21, the U.S. Institute of Peace has created the Peace Day Challenge.

We aim to raise the visibility of this day, to frame peace as an attainable alternative to the violence we see daily in the news, and to encourage individuals and communities globally to take an action for peace , and then to sustain it beyond the day.







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