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Mohammed al-Amoudi Arrested for corruption

The anti-corruption Committee of Saudi Arabia, led by the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, detained 11 princes, 4 ministers and a number of wealthy businessmen on Saturday. The arrestees all are alleged to be corrupt and the action taken by the committee is considered to be a major step towards uprooting corruption and setting the stage for the country’s new vision. The committee also removed a number of ministers from their official positions and replaced them with new ones.

Among the detained group of the royal and the privileged person is also a very famous businessman in Ethiopia – Mohammad Al-Amoudin. The half Ethiopian half Saudi billionaire once called the late Ethiopian tyrant Meles Zenawi his “right hand”. With his arrest the Ethiopian high ranking officials lost the major facilitator of money laundering, land grabbing and exporting of natural resources like gold.

The Crown Prince is the senior most prince next in-line for the throne should King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud dies or gives up his position. Lately the Crown Prince has become the most trusted by the king and the most dominant. He is known to be the driving force behind the King’s 2030 vision for his country and getting rid of corruption is one of the necessary steps the king envisioned to reach his goal. The King’s 2030 vision is said to include getting the country’s economy out of oil dependency.



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