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Major Towns in Tigray

Major Towns in Tigray Return to Normalcy as Defense Force Takes Control

Addis Ababa, November 26/2020(ENA) Residents of Axum, Shire, and Adwa in Tigray Regional State said that things have returned to normal since the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) took control of the cities.

After the launching of the law enforcement operation in the region, the national army has liberated many areas from the TPLF junta and peace has reigned in the areas, according to the residents.

The residents told ENA that the defense force has relieved them from tension as the army took control of the city.

Inhabitants of the ancient city Axum said they were terrified when the army captured the city as the TPLF junta had spread the propaganda that the defense force was a cruel army.

Many recalled that cadres of  the TPLF junta that warned the residents that “invaders were coming. Get ready to fight!”

Since the capture of Axum by the army, it has shown that it’s a force of stability and army of the people  that easily won the support of the public, the residents explained.

One Axum resident said: “The situation is now so calm and peaceful that the rest of Tigray and Ethiopians should not worry about us.”

Another resident said that they are no more of afraid of the army that protects them and brought peace to the city.

On of the inhabitants of the city stated: “I am a lecturer here at Axum University. Fortunately, you met me here while I was walking with my friends. Thanks to God, there has not been much fighting before the army entered the city. Now the city is calm. The defense force is in control and Axum is in safe hands.”

However, the residents demanded that the city’s electricity and other services be restored immediately.

Residents of Shire city on their part told ENA that the TPLF junta had been spreading propaganda that “invaders and plunderers were coming to destroy the people of Tigray.”

The inhabitants of the town, however, confirmed that the city has returned to normalcy after the withdrawal of the TPLF bandits.

A resident in the city said: “We first were worried that the fight would take place in the town. So some of the inhabitants fled. But now everything around here is peaceful. The army is partly involved in normalizing the situation in the town. The members of the army have assured us the dwellers that we should not worry about our safety and security.”

Furthermore, the residents appreciated the national defense force for preventing looting.

Another resident stated: “What we expected when the army controlled the town is very different from what we see happing right now. We were first terrified, but the army calmed us down and assured us they would stand by our sides. We are no more scared. And don’t forget that the defense force has been stationed here at Shire for the past 25 years. So, we are brothers.”

Inhabitants of Adwa also said the town is now peaceful after the TPLF junta chased out of the town.

They said the city is returning to normalcy and that the national defense force has been keeping   peace in the town.

One of the inhabitants said: “The residents are moving freely from place to place. The youth are relaxing, elders and women going to church. No one member of the army has turned his gun on civilians.

The residents revealed that the junta had confused them by spreading fabricated stories about the cruelty of the army that proved to be utterly wrong.







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