Leftists For Trump

I am a leftist for Trump. As an alumni of “Leftists for Bush” and
living these past 10 years in the Horn of Africa, I cant help myself.
I am irresistibly drawn to “Leftists for Trump”.

Of course if I was living in the good old U-S-of A I would be in the
streets demonstrating against The Trumpster. But then I would be in
the streets marching against Lady Hillary as well.

Since I live in Africa and having seen what evil mi’Lady has wrought
here I find myself rooting for Senor Trump. God knows what he would
really do, but at least in his more lucid moments he has the courage
to declare that what the Queen of Chaos wrought in Libya is an ongoing
unnatural disaster.

This unnatural disaster called “NATO vs Libya” is one that just keeps
on giving, as the residents of Tunisia or the hapless denizens of
North Eastern Nigeria have learned thanks to ISIS and Boko Haram’s
Libyan weaponry.

Of course there are the US supplied cluster bombs being dropped on
Yemeni children, all part of an agenda supported by Madame Clinton.
Bush barely came close to any such crimes against my adopted continent
of Africa, from whence we were all migrants in times most ancient.

Hillary scares us, especially out here in the Horn of Africa. We are
living abreast the strategically critical Ba’ab Al Mandeb, so aptly
named “The Gate of Tears” by the Arabs, through which passes the
commerce carried out between the worlds largest trading partners,
Europe and Asia. The day the USA loses control of the Ba’ab Al Mandeb
marks the beginning of the end of Pax Americana’s world empire.

The USA has lost its economic domination and is left with its military
as its only claim to super power status. So as the critical choke
point Ba’ab Al Mandeb goes so goes Pax Americana. This should explain
the War in Yemen and the War in Somalia. What’s left, the War Against

As war torn as our region is, with Hillary in charge we can only
expect an escalation of the most brutal forms of gun boat diplomacy,
as in US aircraft carriers bombing all recalcitrant natives, be they
Christian or Muslim.

Its so awfully true that Lady Hillary never met a war that didn’t lift
her spirits and with all to many wars bringing joy to our presumptive
President. Be it the USA backed rebel army in South Sudan, the
slaughter of demonstrators by America’s Ethiopian gendarmes or drones
and cluster bombs against the Somali and Yemeni people, Trump has
claimed to be against such disasters as a matter of principle. Were as
Mrs. Clinton is foaming at the bit, raring to bringing us rebellious
Africans to heal.

We can only imagine Madame President Clinton’s rage when Eritrea, a
small socialist country founded on the motto “Never Kneel Down” is
faced with her legendary imperial wrath for refusing to do just that,
kneel down or be destroyed.

Remember Sirte? Where while trying to escape, Gaddafi met his death,
and that while on his knees?  “We came, we saw, he died” Madame
Clinton cackled. This horrific brainchild of Secretary Clinton
foretells what will be Africa’s fate under her Imperial Rule.

So “Leftists for Trump” is my cry, brought to you by the remainents of
“Leftists for Bush”. Though I have to admit that this election has
stirred a unique interest in a die hard “democracy-phobe” like myself
what with the likes of the billionaire Koch Brothers backing the
Democrats against the almost Libertarian utterances of Donald Trump,
he of what used to be the Party of the “New Jim Crow”.

Honestly, out here in the climate disaster wracked Horn of Africa, we
really don’t give a shit how bad you’all in AmeriKKKa have it. If
having Trump elected President means less of your murder and mayhem in
our part of the world, then here’s to “Leftists for Trump”, if that is
what it takes.

Thomas C. Mountain is an independent journalist in Eritrea, living and
reporting from here since 2006. He can be reached at thomascmountain
on Facebook or at thomascmountain@gmail.com



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