Kiir’s entourage confirms his call to U.S. Republican front-runner Trump

JUBA (HAN) March 21. 2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. South Sudanese President, Salva Kiir, has admitted calling Donald Trump, one of the presidential hopefuls in the upcoming elections in the United States of America, to express his personal wishes to him and his party.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gives the thumbs up (AFP Photo)

President Kiir, according to one of his closest aides and confirmed by several high level political allies in the army and at the ministry of foreign affairs, told Trump he would be grateful working with administration led by the Republican candidate and described Trump as the right candidate deserving support to win the race.

“It is true. Our media colleagues should have commented on this. There is nothing wrong here. The president of the republic has called Donald Trump to just extend him his solidarity and personal wishes for success,” a presidential aide told Sudan Tribune on Monday.

“You know very well that this country came into being because of the support we, as the people of South Sudan, had received from the people of the United States of America, especially the republicans,” he added.

The official claimed that Republicans display rare leadership and willingness to listen than other parties in the United States.

“We would like to work with the U.S. administration which would be willing to listen to the people and try to work with the government elected by the people instead of listening too much to propaganda,” he said.

The American foreign policy under the administration led by the Republicans, he added, has always been objective and this is why it is important that the government and particularly the president should reach out to republican candidates and other candidates who would work together with the government to move the country to the next level in cooperation on all diplomatic fronts.

The comments followed a statement issued after President Kiir last week spoke on phone with the US presidential hopeful and mega-billionaire businessman, Trump. The 2-minute conversation, according to the statement which the presidency did not deny or confirm, was cordial and touched on several issues including investment by Trump in South Sudan and the region.

“Donald Trump is a true hard-working and no-nonsense American who, when he becomes president, will support South Sudan in its democratic path and stability. South Sudan, the world’s newest nations, is also looking forward to Donald Trump’s support and investment in almost all the sectors,” the statement released after the conversation last week reads.

On his part, Trump who is currently busy campaigning in the US, allegedly thanked President Kiir in-front of thousands of his supporters in the United States.

“Last night, I received a call from Africa, the President of the world’s newest nation… Many of you might not know this country… honestly; I had to look it up myself….. But, President of South Sudan Salva Kiir has reached out to me to help that new nation that we [America] helped create. He pledged his full support for my candidacy. And I told him when I become President of the USA, and if he is still President of that country, then we shall have a lot to talk about,” Trump purportedly told his supporters in one of his campaign rallies in the United States.

Trump expressed his thanks for the endorsement and said he will send his top aides to the country to discuss further the investment opportunities.

Observers say the development is attempt by President Salva Kiir and his political strategists and supporters to display his frustration with the current U.S. President Barack Obama, who has also been frustrated by the performance of South Sudanese government especially with the issues related to corruption, lack of accountability.

President Obama is also frustrated with the way the government has been handling the conflict which started on 15 December 2013 leading to massacre in Juba, the capital city, and elsewhere in the country.

The 2-year old violent conflict erupted following disagreement over reforms within the leadership of the governing Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM).

President Obama and members of his administration have been pressing for possible sanctions against government officials, who obstruct the implementation of the peace agreement.

The government of South Sudan, including President Kiir, considers proposals to impose sanctions as interference in internal affairs of a sovereign country and attempts to implement regime change agenda.

President Kiir therefore hopes that his relations with the government of the United States could improve if Trump becomes President as it would take sometimes to begin to learn.

The South Sudanese president also fears success of Hillary Clinton would not change the perception of the Democratic administration about performance of the government of South Sudan and relations could deteriorate further.




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