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Planes at JKIA

Kenya: Planes at JKIA to be Auctioned at Throwaway Price

101 aircraft abandoned at various airports countrywide including a Ksh2 billion Bombardier plane belonging to Jetlink, are set to be auctioned at throw away prices.

This is after the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) declared them a safety risk.

The authority stated that the delayed valuation of planes had led to the withholding of prices.

According to Business Daily, the valuation will aim at complying with legal requirement that demand that bars the auction of seized assets at below 75 per cent of the prevailing market value.

“Work is still ongoing in which a pricing consultant is confirming the minimum price for the auction. Once all these processes are complete, we will officially publish the auction announcement,” KAA stated.

KAA indicated that the abandoned planes are found at JKIA, 17, Wilson Airport, 64, Moi International Airport in Mombasa, Lokichoggio Airport and Wilson Airport.


Other planes at the JKIA include; two Soviet-built passenger planes owned by Somali Airforce and two old Boeing plane registered under Jubba Airways.

Those at the Wilson airport include; five linked to the Kenya Police Air wing, Fly540, Skylink, Silverstone and Moi University.

The planes being auctioned include those used by tycoons as well as politicians while commercial ones are owned by local airlines.

Other planes in the foray are owned by government agencies including Kenya Police, Moi University and Somalia Airforce.

The large aircraft were subject to Ksh 2,707 daily parking fees at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport while small planes are charged Ksh 1,625 in parking fees.

The large planes were also charged at least Ksh 63,355 landing fee while small planes forked up Ksh 24,150.






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