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Kenya: MASE Programme is to Promote the coast of Somalia Maritime Security


Nairobi (HAN) June 22.2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News.  Although there has been a recent decline in attacks, piracy off the coast of Somalia continues to inflict substantial human and financial costs and threaten the development of a stable Somalia. States in the East African and Indian Ocean are also increasingly threatened by wider maritime crime, including the trafficking of drugs, arms, people and prohibited goods; migrant smuggling; and illegal fishing. This Project aims to develop and/or strengthen the national criminal justice institutions in Kenya, Seychelles, Mauritius and Tanzania to ensure the fair and efficient trials, and humane and secure detention, of individuals suspected or convicted of piracy and maritime crime, within a sound rule of law framework and in accordance with international human rights standards. The promotion of human rights from the point of arrest, through the process of trial and subsequent imprisonment is central to this project.

This Project is funded as part of a larger EU Programme to Promote Regional Maritime Security (MASE). The Project will continue support to regional piracy prosecutions previously funded by the EU under the MASE Start Up Project and under the Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace. The Project will also seek to extend that support to counter wider maritime crime in the region, in particular drug trafficking at sea. This project is funded by the EU with €5 million.




One response to “Kenya: MASE Programme is to Promote the coast of Somalia Maritime Security”

  1. axmed

    What about illegal European and asian illegal fishing ( poaching) in Somalia’s territorial waters ? The real pirates .

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