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Kenya: Tim Hortons Brand in Somali Embassy Nairobi

Nairobi (HAN) May 12, 2014 – Diplomatic Story with Canadian Brand reported by HAN & Geeska Afrika Online reporter in Nairobi.  Tim Hortons in Somalia a Facebook story by  Somali Canadian who is an Ambassadors with a  Member of Parliamentarian and Toronto star reporter in Nairobi in the Horn Africa, which in a photo showing their patriotic side. Tim Hortons, Canadas biggest Coffee and Bakery chain is one of Canada’s  greatest brands.
The Toronto Star Gift to the Somali-Canadian Ambassador in Nairobi remains me this short story from West-Africa, Benin:


I’m an accountant working in downtown Calgary, and am embarking on a new career adventure this December as I move to Benin, West Africa for two years to volunteer for a non-profit Christian relief organization. I travel alot as an accountant, I’m frequently staying in small hotels in rural Alberta and Saskatchewan, visiting company work sites, and I always travel with my emergency packs of Tim Hortons to brew in the hotel coffee machines. I’ve had the privilege of traveling across the world to Africa in my volunteer work as well, staying in small hostels and guesthouses, traveling by local bus across the dusty desert with my laptop and coffee thermos. It may come as a surprise, but Tim Hortons is the new international logo for Canadians, recognized around the world as quality Canadian coffee, so I always travel with a backpack full of Tim Hortons coffee packets to give out to my fellow Canadians working overseas. One year I traveled out at Christmas time and was able to take with me several dozen disposable Tim Hortons’ Christmas cups, donated by a local Tim Hortons’ store, and I enjoyed serving Tim Hortons’ coffee to the entire missionary office in authentic Tim Hortons’ cups, truly a great gift in sub-saharan Africa! I’ll miss my Tim Hortons “fix” while living in Benin, West Africa for the next two years, but I’m definitely taking an “emergency” supply with me!

Photo: The Somali member of parliament Hon Abdi Hoosh, Michelle Shephard,Toronto Star, who brought to them gift(Tim Hortons coffe) from Toronto and Somali-Canadian who is Somalia Ambassador in Nairobi.


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