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Kenya: IGAD asks "ICC-contexted alleged war crimes should be postponed"

Nairobi (HAN) October 9, 2014. Expert Analysis, Your Power & Regional Influence Magazine, opinion page By, Abdi Hosh, Member of the Somali Parliament. What a moronic statement by IGAD. It basically asks that ICC-contexted alleged war crimes should be postponed because the region is busy fighting Terrorists who are waging war crimes now; logically defective but this statement also shows the questionable political morality of IGAD, of which we are a member.

Ambassador Mahboub Maalim said: “My presence here with President Uhuru Kenyatta at The Hague is a  show of solidarity by the Greater Horn of Africa and IGAD member states. We would all wish  to convey our best wishes and support to President Kenyatta as he attends the hearing.”

“But my presence here must not be misunderstood. There is no intent to interfere with or  criticise the jurisdiction of the ICC, nor its remit to bring prosecutions where it sees fit.“

Indeed we commend President Kenyatta, currently Chairman of the East African Community and Rapporteur of IGAD, on his display of respect for the rule of law. He has been summoned
to answer charges of which he is entirely innocent until proven guilty, and he has taken  unprecedented steps within the Constitution of his country to attend.

Instead, my presence here carries a single intent – to represent the need to preserve the  collective strength of our region in our ongoing battle against radical insurgent terrorism in  East Africa, a region that faces a clear and present threat to our security, in exactly the same  way that has led to a coalition of forces currently bombing ISIL in Iraq.

“The world is fighting a terrible battle against radical insurgent terrorists intent on destroying  our way of life. The Horn of Africa and East Africa is a critical theatre in that same war.”


IGAD Executive Chairman, H.E. Ambassador Mahboub Maalim, is in The Hague today 08  October 2014 and available for interviews.

For further information or interview requests, please contact: Richard Bailey, IGAD  Communications Consultant, on +44 7714 756215 or


Statement by the IGAD Executive Secretary, H.E.  Ambassador Mahboub Maalim, on the hearing of  President Uhuru Kenyatta at the ICC, in The Hague

Click Here: Statement by the IGAD Executive Secretary


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