Kenya: A New PM Selection Won't Change Somali's Challenges or Its Response

Nairobi (HAN) December 14, 2014. Public diplomacy and National security news. Somali’s most significant challenges will not go away, regardless of who holds office in Mogadishu, according to security expert in Nairobi, Kenya told Geeska Afrika Online. He added his statement, A new Prime minister selections today only, without changing constitutional challenges,  is unlikely to change Somalia’s security and political crisis.

The top priority is — and will be for the foreseeable future — preventing Al-Shabaab and its supporters from becoming a regional threat and social power.

Watch the debate:

In Mogadishu, Some regional security experts might argue that a more moderate prime minister might help reset relations with previous Somalia’s allies. These are the same people who argue that Ethiopia’s (Malez Group) tough security policies have been a contributing factor to Somali’s security challenges.

But, changes in the internal Social somali political dynamics will change the other regional challenges that Somalis faces today (Somalia and Somaliland).

In Somalia and Somalis, it will soon become clear that Somali’s fight for survival looks roughly the same under any leadership within the next 10 years; because It’s a tough regional neighborhood with Ethiopian current strategic policies and Kenyan economic and energy policies.

Kenyans for Jamhuri Day celebrations. President Uhuru Kenyatta said:

We must up to the reality that Kenya is engaged in a war against highly trained and dangerously armed enemies, which calls for a paradigm shift. We have reflected profoundly and interrogated the adequacy of our laws and security institutions in meeting new security demands. Our conclusion is that Kenya must enhance its ability to detect, monitor and eliminate security threats. In conducting this urgently required necessary process, no freedoms are being curtailed unless you are a terrorist. Security is a responsibility for all of us and we should unite and cooperate to confront the enemy who is in our midst. My Government remains focused on its agenda to transform Kenya and to enable every citizen contribute to development and also benefit from it.


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