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Investing in Science & technology to overcome poverty in Africa

NAIROBI (HAN) August 24.2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. Scientists have called upon the African governments to increase investment in Science and technology in order to overcome poverty in the continent reports Xinhua.

The Scientists stated that the African governments focused on achieving agenda 2063 which aims at developing science, technology and innovation to accelerate the socioeconomic development in the continent.

“African governments should consider investing massively in science and technology in order to achieve tangible social and economic transformation on the continent,” said Gertrude Ngabirano, executive secretary of East African Science and Technology Commission (EASTECO) during the first annual regional science and technology meeting in the Rwandan, Capital Kigali.Maker-Faire-001

Agenda 2063 to Africa is learning from the past, building on progress and strategically exploiting all possible opportunities available to ensure positive socioeconomic transformation in Africa in the next 50 years.

Africa is blessed with rich resources but due to inadequate knowledge in science and technology, resources remain largely unexplored leaving Africa in poverty.

“In the developed world, countries that have invested in education, science and technology have managed to break the cycle of poverty,” said Ngabirano.

Africa can tap into the global technology evolution if the science, technology and innovation received proper funding.

“Africa still lags behind other regions of the world when it comes to the development of science and technology but it can be overcome with clear vision, commitment and firm determination,” said Ignace Gatare, Director General of Rwanda National Commission of Science and Technology

The critical challenges facing the development of science and technology in Africa, including low science and technology capacity, low investment in research, poor infrastructural development and a lack of access to helpful scientific ideas.



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