Impression on Eritrea’s Tourism sites

Asmara (HAN) April 19. 2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News.Foreigners from different countries who participated at a regional advanced course on Pharmacovigilance held in Asmara from 10-15 April 2016 expressed appreciation on Eritrea’s multifaceted tourism assets.

Apart from the very fascinating natural assets of the country, the participants of the course who made tours in different parts of the country have highly appreciated the Eritrean people’s hospitality.

The changes in climatic conditions and the panoramic beauty of landscapes they observed during their trip to Massawa, the historic buildings and above all the crystal clear coastal areas of the country is what they expressed as an exceptional experience.

Pointing out that the prevailing peace and stability being enjoyed in the country mainly steams from the cultural values of the Eritrean people, the visitors said that this asset needs to be maintained and other counties have to learn a lesson from Eritrea.

The participants of the advanced course said that they have learned a great deal about the endeavors being made in the country and particular in upgrading human power and in making surveillances as regards the side effects of medicines.

It is to be recalled that professionals from the Sudan, Kenya, Burundi, South Sudan, Cape-Verde, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Ghana, Nigeria, Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Thailand, Sweden, the US and Switzerland attended the one week Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management advance course.




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