Has the AMISOM Campaign Against Al-shabaab Gangs Failed in Somalia? 

Mogadishu (HAN) November 29, 2020. Regional Security and Terrorism updates. Has the AMISOM campaign Against Al-shabaab Gangs  Failed in Somalia? And could the conflict spread further in Oromia, Afar and Addis Ababa zone?
In Shabeele and Juba zones in Somalia, local villagers are caught in the crossfire daily,  and afraid  Al-shabaab reprisals which infiltrates the population and living in fear and looting their properties. Some 30,000 civilians died in central and  Southern Somalia regions since 1996. What lessons Africa could learn Somali, Djibouti, Kenya and Ethiopian Al-shabaab  plottings to further subjugate and humiliate civilians in East Africa.
After more than a three decades of war, Somalis’ only remaining source of moral and political alternative to chaos was the population’s staunch adherence to Islam, according to Professor Abdi Ismail Samatar.
According to AMISOM Force Commander, Lieutenant Gen. Jim Beesigye Owoyesigire responses, “AMISOM was First deployed in March 2007, the AMISOM military component has been instrumental in helping Somali National Security Forces push the Al Qaeda-affiliated terror group, Al-Shabaab, out of much of southern Somalia including most major towns and cities. It has created a relatively secure environment which has allowed the Somali peace process to take root, allowed local population the opportunity to begin establish accountable local governance institutions that can begin to deliver services as well as rebuild the local economy and create linkages to the national economy and government.”
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For this report, FRANCE 24’s team embedded with Niger’s special forces

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