Hargeisa Power blockchain energy solutions for humanity

Why Hargeisa Power?

Hargeisa Power provides blockchain energy solutions for humanity. We’ve been recognized by both Bloomberg New Energy Finance and Greentech Media Research as the industry leader in deployed and announced projects. Hargeisa Power has experience implementing energy solutions across the globe in varying electricity environments, with a proven track record and a wide range of partners.

Social Impact

Access to clean, reliable and low-cost energy should be a basic human right, but still people are without access to electricity supplies.

Our mission is to help facilitate renewable energy projects through technology, to connect and empower individuals and communities.

Founded with over 100 years combined energy industry experience,
Hargeisa Power develops cutting-edge blockchain energy solutions for the people of the world. We exist to empower and to provide individuals and communities with access to electricity that is low-cost, reliable, and renewable.

We’re reimagining energy. Not just because we want a new energy system, but because we need it.

A system that allows you to choose the source of your electricity. To be part of an economy where households that generate electricity can trade with their neighbours and get a fair return on their investment. Where electricity is stable, affordable and available to everyone. Where transactions are transparent, automated and easy to understand.

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