Federal government freezes budget to Tigray region

Ethiopia: Federal government freezes budget to Tigray region

The House of Federation announced via EBC that it has passed orders for the Federal government to cut federal budget **subsidy for Tigray Regional State Council because it deems its establishment “illegal”.
The Speaker of the House of Federation, Aden Farah, said “because Tigray Regional State Council and the Cabinet are not accepted constitutionally, all federal institutions are barred from having any relationship them”.
As a result, he said, “Exchanging letters, information, providing support, and to include in forums at the federal level any member of the Tigray Regional State executive organ is prohibited”.
On the other hand, Aden Farah told EBC that relationships will continue with Woreda, Kebele and City administrations so as to make services sustainable for the people of Tigray. He also said that a committee will be established to monitor the implementation.






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