CAPE TOWN (HAN) August 6.2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. Farah Sheikh Abdulkadir has received the 2016 Global leadership Award from the Somali Students Association of South Africa. Farah met the Somali community in South Africa to report current situation in somalia and the 2016 Somalia elections. Farah Sheikh Abdulkadir is traveling with the Somali Institute of Security & Diplomacy (SIRAD) Staff members and Ambassador Jamal Mohamed Baroow. During the meeting he analyzed case studies in the past and compared them to the current elections expected to take place in the country.

About SIRAD: The Somali Institute of Security and Diplomacy (SIRAD), strategy and foreign policy sector will host Somalia’s National Strategy Study Projects, a sustained dialogue with members of academia, policy makers, media, business and economy, and civil society on critical dimensions of Somalia’s national strategy in 2035 perspective. The purpose is to help develop a consensus on Somalia’s national strategy in a complex security and foreign policy environment. Learn more Here at SISD.SO


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