Expert warns of looming genocide in South Sudan

JUBA (HAN) November 14.2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. The United Nations Special Adviser on the prevention of genocide Adama Dieng has warned that South Sudan civil war is increasingly being waged on ethnic lines and that the young nation risks escalating into genocide.”

The warning came five days after Dieng’s visit to the war-torn South Sudan.

“The signs [of genocide] are all there for these ethnic targeting that could evolve into genocide if action is not taken,” Deng told reporters in Juba.

“Genocide is a process,” he said.

Dieng also asserted that South Sudanese national army (SPLA) is an ‘undisciplined army’ and that its actions contributed to the worsening of the situation on the ground.

Meanwhile South Sudanese information minister Michael Makuey Lueth was not pleased with Dieng statement, branding it “negative report.”

“I don’t agree with him. It is a negative report and it won’t be of any help. Here in South Sudan what is happening has nothing to do with genocide,” the visibly angry Makuey said.

The UN genocide expert reminded people at the news conference that ethnically targeted rape, killing of civilians with machetes, and burning down villages are warning signs of looming genocide.



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