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Ethiopia’s dev’t Path, A model to the rest of Africa

ADDIS ABABA (HAN) July 17.2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. A team of 65 students from USIU-A, United States International University-Africa based in Nairobi, Kenya who has been on a five-day visit to Ethiopia since July 11, 2016 hailed Ethiopia’s development path, which they said is a model to the rest of Africa.

USIU-A is an international university which has students representing over 62 nationals of which 85 percent are from Eastern Africa.

On their first tour, the team paid a visit to the Ethiopian National Museum and the Institute of Ethiopian Studies at Addis Ababa University. Upon visiting the national museum, a kenyan and the student representative of the visiting team, David Kiragu described the visit as historic and said, “I know Ethiopia is home for one of the world’s oldest civilizations; but coming here is just like shaking hands with history; everybody here is glad to have met Lucy-the mother of all humanity.”

With the view to take note of the sole reason behind the country’s success story, the team then headed to the National Planning Commission, where State Minister Getachew Adem briefed the delegation on Ethiopia’s development policies and strategies. Ato Getachew underscored that Ethiopia has been able to develop broad-based and sustainable development policies to which he added the right strategies had been designed. The State Minister said, “Ethiopia’s pro-poor policies have managed to lift millions out of poverty.”

On their visit to the Minister of Water, Irrigation and Electricity, the team had been briefed about Ethiopia’s principled stance on ensuring a fair and equitable use of trans-boundary resources. One such project is the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Africa’s largest hydro dam, a key instrument of regional power integration.

Following a visit to the Ethiopian Metal and Engineering Corporation (METEC), the team extended their appreciation to Ethiopia’s home-grown engineering and manufacturing capacity and the concomitant technology transfer. Mrs.Pauline W Ndungu, a Professor at USIU-A said, “This is a practical proof that Africa is on the road to massive industrialization. “METEC” she added is a “living testimony that Africa can stand on its own.”

Mrs.Pauline commended the warm welcome and Ethiopian hospitality accorded to the visiting delegation of university students. They also extended their thanks to the Government of Ethiopia and particularly the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for facilitating their field visit throughout.

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