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Ethiopians Celebrating Meskel Festival

Addis Ababa-  Ethiopians are celebrating the Meskel Festival, Finding of the True Cross in various religious and cultural events across the nation.

The Christian Faithful on Saturday lit torches and Meskel Bonfires representing the smoke of the incense the led Queen Helena the actual direction of the burial site of the True Cross in Jerusalem.

The outdoor church services were also the held all over the country with attendance of the faithful.

Today, in the morning, besides attending church services, the faithful illustrated the sign of the cross on the forehead with the ashes the bonfire burnt on yesterday.

And revering of the Holy Cross, Ethiopians in all parts of the country are feasting with families and relatives with colorful cultural ceremonies marking the holiday.

Dressed with colorful traditional clothing, many are visiting relatives to share happiness up on the festivity.

Traditional foods and drinks are lying at the heart of the celebration of the Meskel Holiday.



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