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Ethiopian & U.S. Universities Forge Cooperation To Support Ongoing Reform

Addis Ababa, April 28, 2021 – Ministry of Science and Higher Education said that Ethiopian and the U.S. higher education institutions are cooperatively working on strengthening partnership and enhance the ongoing reform.

During a consultative meeting organized yesterday to launch a partnership project, Ministry of Science and Higher Education State Minister Professor Afework Kassu said the platform is instrumental in shaping Ethiopia’s human resource development effort.

To this end, he commented, universities should work round the clock to come up with skilled and productive man power.

According to EPA, the Ministry applauded the U.S. Embassy to Ethiopia for its endeavor to strengthen collaboration and partnership with US Higher Education Institutions with Ethiopian ones.

Representatives from the U.S. Embassy to Ethiopia Carmella Macfoy and Catherine Matthew (PhD) presented the purpose of the intended project and other related issues.



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