Ethiopian protests descend into violence

A 15 – year old was shot and killed by regime snipers on Wednesday in Sodere, a resort town to the east of the capital Addis Ababa. The father told ESAT on the phone that his son was shot and killed for no reason while playing at his house. Protesters have reportedly burnt down farms, factories and other properties belonging to the regime in Sodere on Wednesday.


A prison in Jimma has reportedly caught fire on Wednesday while students of Jimma University held candlelight vigils and protest rallies denouncing the death of hundreds of people in Bishoftu on Sunday at a religious festival.

Video received by ESAT show plumes of smoke arising from the prison and several shots being fired inside the prison.

In Wonji, east of the capital Addis Ababa, a sugar factory was set on fire while the Kuriftu animal farm owned by Ethiopian born Saudi tycoon, Mohammed Al Amoudi was set ablaze.

A gas depot went in flames in Dire Dawa, a major town in eastern Ethiopia. Reports say all main roads leading to the city were closed on Wednesday. Gunfire could be heard in Dire Dawa all day on Wednesday.

In Sebeta and Alemgena, few miles from the capital, reports indicate that protesters burnt government vehicles and two factories affiliated with the regime.

Anti-government protests in Ethiopia escalated after the killing of hundreds of festival goers on Sunday at an annual celebration by the Oromos in welcoming Ethiopian spring.




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