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Ethiopian Leader Met the New Regional President of Puntland Administration

Addis Ababa (HAN) The Ethiopian FM Dr. Tedros Adhanom received and held discussions with the new President of the Puntland Administration of Somalia on Sunday (February 23). Puntland Administration President, Dr. Abdiweli Mohammed Ali Gaas, said he was glad to be back in Addis Ababa for what was his first foreign trip since assuming office in mid January. He said that Puntland Administration’s recent election will usher in a new chapter in the relationship between Ethiopia and the Puntland Administration. He also said the administration “would like to open a new page with our Somali brothers”. President Ali Gaas explained his administration’s objectives and said that maintaining security and fighting terrorism; economic development; strengthening Somalia’s federal system, strengthening institutions and building the civil service and security services were his administration’s priorities. Dr. Tedros praised the peaceful transition of power following the recent presidential election in Puntland and said it was an excellent example for the region as a whole. He also commended the new administration’s focus on building institutions and said Ethiopia would continue to cooperate on capacity building with the view to enable the creation of a strong and functional federal government. Dr. Tedros said that focusing on development was indispensable in order to achieve stability and peace in Somalia and for the whole region as a whole.







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