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Ethiopian Government in Trouble After Internet Outage

ADDIS ABABA (HAN) AUGUST 08.2018. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. By John Green.If you reside in the Eastern region of Ethiopia, probably you might have wondered why internet access has been low or utterly disconnected. Well, the veracity of the matter is that neither your phone nor service providers have an issue. The Government of Ethiopia has indeed interrupted with internet and electronic communications, and it is no news since the saga has been trending for three days now.

The internet shutdown has raised alarms compelling internet right bodies to confront the Government on the prevailing issue. #KeepItOn coalition has addressed the matter to the Government asking them to respond as soon as possible, as their disruption to access internet connection is causing a ripple effect to the state’s economy. Cities in eastern Ethiopia in the internet outage have decried of the instability in the access.

Jijiga, Dire Dawa and Harar were the affected cities as cited by the letter sent to the authorities. The letter implored the Government to restore internet access in these regions and maintain the openness of the internet to avoid any frustrations in future. This was a huge blow especially to a nation that has made the headlines for all the good reasons since the beginning of the year.

Innovation and technology have prompted the growth of internet access in many regions in Africa, which has been termed as a necessity in the technological era. The Internet has been an integral part of the business and internet users have identified its accessibility as a necessity on a daily basis to remain up to date and connect with family and friends. The internet shutdown slowed down the flow of information and business on the social media platform which tainted the prowess of the nation’s economy.

Freedom of expression and access to information was part of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed promises as the reformist vowed to shape the economy of the East African nation.



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