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Ethiopian Diaspora Investing in Country of Origin

Addis Ababa (HAN) July 31.2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. Ethiopian Diaspora from Sweden and the US revealed today their plans to invest in their country of origin.

They said the development endeavors in the Amhara regional state have inspired them to contribute to the progress of the country in their humble ways.

Abraham Agegne from Sweden said he has finalized preparations to build a meat factory in Kombolcha, Amhara regional state.

He has secured license and bought machineries for the factory.

Recalling the problems he encountered earlier, Abraham said “I was here four years ago. The red tape I faced was detrimental to investment. But now, everything has changed. Government officials are devotedly serving the Diaspora”.

Abraham urged the Ethiopian Diaspora to downplay political differences and work for the wellbeing of their country.

He further called on the Ethiopian government to undertake awareness creating activities as most of the diasporas do not have comprehensive information about the current state of the country.

Alemayohu Amare from the Minnesota, USA, said on his part he will engage in agro-processing.

“I am very pleased to observe and motivated by the development of our country. I have seen many diasporas investing in their country. This motivated me to come back to my country and play my part,” he stated.

Alemayohu hailed the government for its investment and the effort to attract the Ethiopian Diaspora.

Meanwhile, North Wollo Zone Administrator, Tsega Arega said his administration is ready to welcome investors, including the diasporas.

He said many businesspersons have invested in agro-processing, agriculture, mining, hotel and tourism sectors. “Investment is booming here,” the administrator added.

According to him, 347 investors have created more than two thousand jobs in the zone.

The administrator finally called on the diaspora to exploit the conducive environment for investment and said his administration is ready to serve any investment proposals within 24 hours.



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