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Ethiopia Working with China to Boost Manufacturing Sector

ADDIS ABABA (HAN) November 15, 2015. Public Diplomacy & regional Security. Each day, workers in Ethiopia have proven they can produce around 7,500 pairs of shoes at the Huajian International Shoe City in Ethiopia. All these women’s shoes are exported to the U.S. and European markets under brand names including Guess, Marc Fisher and Nine West.
Ethiopia is now focusing on industrialization by boosting manufacturing. The Ethiopian government has expressed a desire to make Ethiopia a middle-income country by 2025.

Huajian International Shoe City is one the world’s biggest manufacturers of women’s shoes. It employs 4,000 workers in Ethiopia. From ordinary staff to higher management, Huajian International Shoe City says they offer each person a chance to be trained and promoted.

As China’s first shoe maker investing in Africa, the Huajian Group plans to make Ethiopia a global hub for the shoe industry within the next decade. The Ethiopian government hopes to enlarge its production capacity cooperation with China, by attracting more Chinese manufacturers, whose technical and financial support as well as experience will enhance their manufacturing sector, and help the country take off economically.

In 2014 the company exported goods worth 18 million USD. The president of Huajian Group, Zhang Huarong says his company isn’t in Ethiopia just to reduce the labor costs. He says the company hopes to build a whole supply chain in Ethiopia and be a key contributor to the country’s economy.

Huajian was one of the first investors in the eastern industry zone. Its performance has helped attract a growing number of other investors to the zone, which was built in 2009 and is now home to about 36 manufacturing enterprises, including most Chinese manufacturers and some other foreign investors.

All the companies in the Eastern Industry Zone enjoy preferential policies including two years of free tax and a stable power supply.

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One response to “Ethiopia Working with China to Boost Manufacturing Sector”

  1. Burale



    Ethiopians are held hostage by TPLF,
    the ex-rebel fighters the now political leaders of Ethiopia are demanding ransom money from foreign countries to feed the Total Ethiopian people which are currently held hostages of by TPLF .

    Even Tigrayans are dieing of the famine now eventhough TPLF wants to make it look like it has the backing of all Tigrayan people, the reality is majority of Tigrayans are the number one held hostage people in Ethiopia. TPLF had suffocated Tigrayans to the point they cannot fart without TPLF’s approoval.

    SINCE THE EARLY 1990’S The TPLF called many farmers who insisted TPLF to concentrate on Agricaultural Development as hodam Amaras , Backward , those that want to be making millions overnight and so on.
    . TPLF PREFERED ERITREAN FARMERS THAN ANYONEELSE TO HOLD FARM LANDS UNTIL TPLF DECIDED TO TAKE THE LANDS THEY DEVELOPED IN 1998. Then after 1998 all the farm lands the Eritreans worked on were given to TPLF officials abnd their corrupt business people who just held the lands without working on them until today.

    Many Agricultural scholars and economists urged the Meles Zenawi adminstration to mobilize the labor force into agricaulture by making land policy reform since the early 1990’s but MELES ZENAWI didn’t want to listen. He dismissed those that brought up agriculture and land reform by calling them mainly “HODAM AMARAS” who got the Amara culture thinking which TPLF fought to end.. He said the country is in transformation out of agricultural economy to manufacturing economy. ONE thing he didn’t know was the country cannot manufacture anything while the labor force is starving. 20+ years later here we find ourselves eating only the so called “vision” with no agricultural or no manufacturing economy but BEGGARS ECONOMY.

    Can someone tell me how Eritrea a country with no lake , no river , with all sanctions , no foreign aid AND who is also a victim of EL-NINO is feeding it’s people while Ethiopians are dieing from starvation?

    All one need to ask is How is it other El-Nino affected countries in the region like Sudan , Djibouti , Kenya , Somalia , Yemen and even the war torn Syria better in food security than Ethiopia? Then you know all TPLF wants to do is steal food aid sent to famine victims to sell it in Sudan same as they did during the 1984 famine.

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