Addis Ababa (HAN) December 26, 2014 – Public diplomacy and Regional Investment security News.  Ethiopian Foreign Minister Dr. Tedros Adhanom met on Wednesday (December 24) with President of Annual Investment Meeting (AIM), Dawood Al Shezawi and United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ambassador to Ethiopia, Yousif Eisa Alsabri. Discussions covered issues related to the need for Ethiopia’s and Africa’s participation in the 5th edition of the AIM in Dubai, (UAE), which will be held from March 30 to April 01, 2015. Both sides also discussed on the AIM’s plans to hold the 6th edition of the conference in Addis Ababa in 2016.

During the talks, Dawood Al Shezawi extended an invitation to Dr. Tedros to attend the 5th edition of the AIM in Dubai, UAE next year, and conveyed greetings of UAE’s Minister of Economy, Sultan Saeed al-Mansouri, to Dr Tedros. He also said that Ethiopia’s participation at AIM would open up new prospects for the Government and private sector to showcase investment opportunities, network and exchange experiences with international investors and business persons in the fields of innovation and technology transfer as well as attract FDI inflows.

Ethiopian Foreign Minister, Dr. Tedros also noted that AIM was intending to hold the 2016 edition of AIM in Addis Ababa with a view to take Afro-Arab cooperation to a new high level. Dr. Tedros on his part said AIM could be regarded as a golden opportunity to steer Ethio-UAE cooperation towards a new progress. He also said that Ethiopia and UAE were witnessing steady development in their bilateral relations, adding that the inauguration of an Ethiopian Embassy in UAE would further maintain the momentum of the continued growth of the bilateral ties. He also stressed the need for both countries to work together on innovation to embrace a better future.

Ethiopian Foreign Minister, Dr. Tedros also thanked for the invitation extended to his country and AIM’s decision to hold the 2016 edition of AIM in Addis Ababa to open broader spaces for Afro-Arab ties, adding that the African Union’s participation in the 2016 edition of AIM would set the course for a promising future development. Ambassador Yousif Eisa Alsabri on his part noted the brotherhood that exists between the two countries and emphasized that AIM would reinvigorate Ethio-UAE brotherhood with innovation and technology transfer.

Being as a global forum for investment and strategic networking, AIM’s objective rests on ways to help governments, private sectors and international business persons and investors exchange best practices in the areas of innovation and technology transfer as well as promote business and investment relations. The 5th edition of AIM will be held next year at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre with the theme of “Sustainable Development through FDI Induced Innovation and Technology Transfer”.

Photo: Dr. Tedros meets President of Annual Investment Meeting (AIM), Dawood Al Shezawi and United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ambassador to Ethiopia, Yousif Eisa Alsabri.

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