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Ethiopia: UNDP Joins Safe Hands Ethiopia Coalition

ADDIS ABABA – The United Nations Development Program is partnering with Dalberg Catalyst, the Safe Hands Ethiopia Coalition which brings together private sector, government and civil society.

The coalition focuses on providing sanitary materials and information for vulnerable communities by putting in place an efficient system that aligns the private sector’s production of sanitary products with the distribution capacity of the government set up.

This is complemented by the CSO’s comparative advantage around the production of behavioral change communication materials targeting vulnerable communities.

Dalberg Catalyst (@DalbergCatalyst) | تويتر

Through this partnership, UNDP will initially provide around 18 million Birr (500,000 USD) through Dalberg Catalyst to go towards supporting the cost of the production and dissemination of sanitary and communication materials to at risk population in Addis Ababa. The funding will also help to sustain jobs and livelihoods.

UNDP’s partnership with the Safe Hands Coalition is part of a global UNDP COVID – 19 response to prevent, manage and more importantly to mitigate impacts of the pandemic.

UNDP’s COVID- 19 response has included informing policy through working with the UN system on socio-economic impact assessment for Ethiopia.

Its strategic support for the Nation has prioritized supporting the government to ensure critical business continuity through the provision of PPEs as well as ICT tools for over 30 ministries and agencies as well as several regional states.

The United Nations Development Program has also provided PPEs to industrial parks, it was learnt.






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