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Criminal Offenses Committed

Ethiopia: TPLF Extremist Violate International Law

Addis Ababa November 22.2020 Human rights and law scholars claimed that the TPLF extremist group has carried out crimes that could be tried by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Ethiopian Human Rights Organization Union Director, Mesud Gebeyehu said recruiting children to take part in war is liable to punishment in international law.

He stressed that enlisting children in the army is crime under the international law as well as conventions signed by Ethiopia.

The TPLF has been violating these provisions and involving child soldiers in fighting; besides massacring civilians, he noted.

The Ethiopian Human Rights Organization Union director said the main goal of the law enforcement operation by the government is to bring criminals engaged in recruiting children to war.

He underscored that the illegal group will also be held accountable for the humanitarian damage it caused in the country.

In addition to killing of innocent civilians, the TPLF group has destroyed various infrastructures.

Policy and Leadership Lecture and Researcher at Civil Service University, Alemayehu Debebe said on his part the TPLF has been violating human and democratic rights of children in the context of the law.

The legal scholar, Melkamu Ago said Ethiopia’s law dictates that causing damage to human life and resources is punishable by death or fine, depending on the type of crime.

He described TPLF’s attack on members of the defense force and civilians as a grave crime and prosecutable under the international criminal law.






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