Ethiopia: The 5th National Election Will Take Place Tomorrow

Addis Ababa (HAN) May 23, 2015, Regional Humanitarian Security and safety news. Four elections have been held in the past twenty-four years and the experiences gained from past elections will help make this fifth election better than ever before.

Each time elections have taken place there has been a rise in participation. A record number of 36,830,000 people have registered to vote this time around – 95% of those eligible to vote – 15.3% more than at the 2010 elections.

The participation of women voters is one of the most important barometers of the democratic nature of any election. The gender parity of this year’s election shows significant improvement. Of the 36.83 million registered voters, 48.5% are women. The number of female candidates has reached 301, an increase of 149 compared to the last election (2010).

Ethiopia is determined that the 5th National Elections will be free, fair, peaceful and credible. Codes of Conduct governing the activities of participating parties have been signed, mechanisms to address complaints have been put in place, local and foreign observers are ready to monitor the elections, the materials and equipment required for the elections have been prepared and distributed.




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