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Ethiopia: Tedros meets UN Chef de Cabinet for Regional Protection force Plan

Nairobi (HAN) June 1, 2014 . IGAD2020: Weekly Regional Security News Headlines.  Regional IGAD countries of Africa  led by Ethiopian efforts in this endeavor focused primarily on improving peacekeeping forces in Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan.

The planning of peacekeeping operations is the ultimate challenge because you never know where you have to operate; you never know what they want you to do; you don’t have the mandate in advance; you don’t have forces; you don’t have transport; and you don’t have money We always have to start from zero. Each and every operation that we start, we start with nothing. Major-General Frank van Kappen, Military Advisor to the Secretary-General, March 1997



The Ethiopian Foreign Minister Dr.Tedros held discussions in Algiers  with Susan Malcorra, the Chef de Cabinet of the UN Secretary-General. Their discussion focused on regional peace and security. Dr. Tedros detailed Ethiopia’s role in working for peace and stability in the Horn of Africa region and commended the UN for adopting a resolution for the rapid deployment of the proposed Deterrence and Protection force for to South Sudan. He also briefed Ms. Malcorra on Eritrea’s continued efforts to destabilize the region, even involving itself in the South Sudan conflict. The Ethiopian Foreign Minister stressed there was no sign that it had genuinely changed its behavior.


All members of the United Nations, in order to contribute to the maintenance of international peace and security, undertake to make available to the Security Council, on its call and in accordance with a special agreement or agreements, armed forces, assistance, and facilities.  United Nations Charter, Article 43


The Ethiopian Foreign Minister Dr. Tedros said the sanctions’ regime needed to be implemented seriously in order to persuade the regime to genuinely change its behavior. He pointed out that Ethiopia had accepted the Border Commission’s decisions despite its faults and announced its readiness to implement these in a manner to bring lasting peace and normalization of relations long ago. Dr. Tedros repeated that Ethiopia was fully ready to solve any problems with Eritrea, but for this dialogue was paramount. Ethiopia had made clear its readiness to have such a dialogue at any time, place and at any level.

The Ethiopian Foreign Minister Dr. Tedros asked the UN to check the behavior of the Eritrean regime properly and take the necessary measure to restrain its destabilizing activities. Susan Malcorra said she appreciated Ethiopia’s stance and promised the UN’s support for peaceful resolution of the issue. She also said she would put forward Ethiopia’s concerns regarding the behavior of the Eritrean regime to the Secretary-General.

The Ethiopian Foreign Minister  Dr. Tedros and Susan Malcorra also exchanged views on the construction the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, its potential benefits and the measures taken by Ethiopia, including establishment of the International Panel of Experts to ensure the Dam would not cause any significant harm to lower riparian countries.


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3 Responses to “Ethiopia: Tedros meets UN Chef de Cabinet for Regional Protection force Plan”

  1. Eritrean Native It is not a game of serving U.S.A interest at the expense of Eritrea independence. Adhanom Teowdros is the serving agent of his masters, U.S.A
    So there is no point that Eritrea to have normalization with Weyane Agent.

  2. Rediet Emmanuel

    Please Mr. foreign minister ” DIALOGUE” is genuine only after status in quo . Respect the lawful decision of border commission
    pull out your Army from Eritrea and then Dialogue is that not the way you were asking during the war of agresion you implemented in 1998-2000 . First “STATUS IN QUO” and then “DIALOGUE”

  3. elias

    wel said guys.Ethiopia and USA have never changed their stance from 1950 till now.John Foster Delas american representative in UN in 1952 clearly said Eritrean people should be complet under Ethiopia this will serve our interest.King Haileslase will have weopens and money from USA to destro this people.We are poor Eritrean people no body from four powers,/china..britain..rusia or france/ stood up and said this is crim and should be stopped,infact they helped the Ethiopia to bomb all the mosques and churches..just 1960 half million of eritrea either killed or fled.This is not from me even as you read two years ago rueters from asmara reported ..that young eritreans wanted to USA for better life but the old never forget the American crime over eritrean people. America have good relation with Japan who was a victim of american bomb.USA have good relation with Vitnam because they were defeated by vetnamis people.But…..But with eritrean people no way infact they are doing evry evill to harm eeritrea people…
    Dr Adhanom secret letter last month,said dont wory about eritrea saction,USA has got the pen,they will do any thing to harm Eritrea,America still never change its objective against eritrea starting from 1952.All american ambassaders are following John foster Delass,and this is a very practical.
    The second of ethiopian Job is,buying dedicated and cruel eritrean traitors who can burn eritrea,like before…and this fund will come from CIA…FBI…and other Ajents who have the same objective to wards eritrea.
    According adhanom UN is toothles with out USA,and US is one of the best enemy of eritrean people,they dont want to see them alive.
    USA and other europens wanted eritrea like IRAQ or Somali or Libya Or Afganistan and this is our main goal.
    We collected those fragmented Oppositionists,still they did not do a concret destruction exept embassis and sweden comunity burned,,that is not enough.Those who were with Haileslese and Mongistu killed thousand of shabia and their followers,,any way we are working hard.
    We are working hard to convince many countries Eritrea is terrorist and USA always happy.
    So forget a bout badme..USA promised us to make many tricks as possible we can.
    The good things are some countries supported the USA policy/crim/to eritrean people and that is why day in day out they write about eritrea/not IRA..LIBYA..AFGAN..SOMALIA those are democracy now the fact destroyed for ever/.

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