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OLF-Shene Members

Ethiopia: Special Forces Takes Measures Against 370 OLF-Shene Members

Addis Ababa, December 10, 2020 –The Oromia special police force has taken measures against 370 members of the OLF-Shene group during a month-long operation.

Some 176 members of the group were captured during the operation, in addition to 154 arrested by the public, according to office of the Oromia Prosperity Party.

Moreover, 183 members of the TPLF junta, who had been providing logistics assistance to the OLF-Shene group, were arrested in the operation.

Police also seized 4 Bren, 1,585 AK-47 rifles, 10, 902 rounds of ammunition, 605 live animals, 353 goats, 48 camels, 682, 680 birr and 204,400 fake bank notes.







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