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Ethiopia: Security Tension Rises Around Bay Regions


Mogadishu  (HAN) October 8, 2015 – Breaking News – Public Diplomacy and Regional Security News. Tension is rising near villages around Dinsoor in the Bay region, according to locals on Thursday morning. The tension has been reported to be between the Somali government forces and the al-Qaeda militant group, Al-Shabaab. The tension comes after the Somali National Army and AMISOM troops liberated Dinsoor from stranglehold of Al-Shabaab in July.


The Somali National Army and their Ethiopian counterparts have strengthened security measures in the areas around Dinsoor to avoid possible planned attacks by the militant group. Locals around Dinsoor villages have expressed fear of displacement due to the anticipated clashes between the joint forces and Al-Shabaab. The locals also added that businesses are at a standstill because of roadblocks erected by the Somali National Army.

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