Ethiopia: Reasons Egypt Repeatedly Asking Dam Negotiations

Addis ababa (HAN) May 14, 2014. Latest News and updates, the Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy confirms that Egypt has repeatedly called for negotiations with Ethiopia over the Grand Renaissance Dam but has not received a real response from the Ethiopian side.

Officially, Egypt has repeatedly called for negotiations with Ethiopia over the Grand Renaissance Dam but has not received a real diplomatic  response through their embassy in Addis Ababa or theirs in Cairo, Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy told reporters today.

The Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy said that Egypt would not forget the issue.  One of a top secret meeting in Khartoum, the tripartite committee was scheduled to formulate a document that entails “confidence building measures” between the countries, and also to form a special international conflict-resolution committee. Both plans failed as Egypt and Ethiopia refused to see eye-to-eye.

“No negotiations or talks end in just one session, but some matters are stuck in the middle of those talks,” the Egyptian Egyptian Prime Minister told news agencies.

The under-construction dam is situated near the Sudanese border on the Blue Nile, a Nile tributary. It is set to be the biggest hydroelectric dam in Africa, producing as much as 6,000 megawatts of energy.

Egypt has repeatedly expressed its concern that the dam will affect its share of Nile water. Ethiopia insists this will not happen.

We believe that Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan will benefits from reaching solutions through negotiations, Fahmy added.

From this standpoint, Fahmy added, he had met with the Ethiopian foreign minister a month ago, where Fahmy presented some initial ideas, but is yet to receive a response from Ethiopia.

Fahmy’s comment contradicts Ethiopian statements that have previously called for dialogue after tripartite talks between the two countries and Sudan reached a stalemate.

In late April, Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn invited Egypt and Sudan for another round of tripartite talks, while in March the Ethiopian foreign minister said his country was adamant about holding talks with Egypt.

Fahmy also said that previous negotiations were held in three stages but “unfortunately didn’t show an indication for positive development.”

Last year, Ethiopia and five other Nile Basin countries – Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Burundi – endorsed an accord, the Co-operative Framework Agreement, which replaces a 1929 treaty granting Egypt veto power over any project on the Nile in upstream countries.

Sudan, Egypt’s immediate downstream country, has backed Ethiopia’s plans to build the dam. Al-Ahram sources and HAN Editorial

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3 Responses to “Ethiopia: Reasons Egypt Repeatedly Asking Dam Negotiations”

  1. Icon

    You will get real response when you ask the right question. wether you raise concern or not . we (Ethiopian) will not stop the renaissance dam, it’s matter of life or death . We will not repeat the famine that took away our brothers and sister s while egyptian feed them self from our water and watch us die. We don’t need the water but we want to produce electricity and then sell to Egypt. We turned desert into green land for free .. you should be grateful. We don’t like hurting none it is not in our blood. We saved islam. we fed egypt for centuries we will continue to do so.. don’t lecture us about our own resource. sense of humanity is in us so thats why we just producing only electricity. if you push us too much we got nothing to loose, egypt will be history

    1. About Our own resources???!!!! Hahaha Dont pretend the nile river belongs to you. Bitch Ass/Fake Ass corrupt Ethiopians. The nature belongs to GOD ALONE. not to you.
      Even today, a significant number of mainstream in Ethiopia, Tigri, Amhara, Tigre whatever you evil monkeys call yourself continue to deny OROMO people’s role in humankind’s first and greatest civilization in the land of Oromiya and in ancient Egypt.(the entire nile valley is linked to ancient cushitic egypt; )And I bet you got it twisted you don’t know who to trust. So many of you oromo hatin’ ethiopians. tryin’ to sound like us. Say theirs Democratic, but I don’t think they knowin’. Straight to the depths of hell is where all you cowards goin’.

      Thus, Oromo is Kush and Kush is Oromo.
      Go and do some more research on OROMO in ancient Egypt 300bc to 7th. 10th 12th Dynasty. By W.M Flinders Petrie. History of Egypt Pt 1. 1896 FACT!)
      Dont believe EVERYTHING YOU READ…

  2. eth

    Eygypt has been a sponsor of conflicts that ravaged Ethiopia in the last Thirty years. Egypt has also been the main sponsor of the rebel group who ultimately succeeded in taking Eritrea out of the Ethiopian map. Therefore, Egypt has always been at war with Ethiopia. Now They have to pay the price for their crimes

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