Ethiopia: Prime Minister “The Red Line is Crossed”

Addis Ababa  (HAN) November 5th, 2020. Regional Security and Stability. according to the memo from the Menelik Palace, “The red line is crossed,” Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed ordered the Federal army to respond to attacks on a federal defense base  by TPLF militia   linked to the TPLF communist party in the federal National State of Tigray, bordering with Amara State and Eritrean borders.

The House of Federation of Ethiopia warned that a Federal military and Financial intervention against TPLF leadership in Tigray (TPLF) could be justified.

Meanwhile, an executive member led by the  Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the regional governing communist party, says Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Oromo) has no mandate to decide appointments in Tigray region and Federal Ethiopian troop movement.


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