Ethiopia: President Warns Saudi Arabia and UAE of Consequences if Eritrea Attacks

ADDIS ABABA (HAN) January 2, 2016 – Public Diplomacy and Regional Stability Initiatives News. Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has warned Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that there will be consequences if their military operation around Eritrea’s coast leads to the latter advancing plans to destabilize Ethiopia.

A United Nations (UN) report published last month revealed that Saudi Arabia and UAE are paying Eritrea to use the country’s land, airspace and territorial waters. The Arab coalition has reportedly leased Eritrea’s Port of Assab for 30 years – from where they will lead the fight against the Houthis in Yemen. “They have assured us that they would not be engaged in activities that would endanger the peace and security of Ethiopia,” Hailemariam said about Saudi and the UAE. “They have said this is only a choice of tactical convenience to their operation in Yemen and that they would evacuate the area as soon as the mission is completed.”

Hailemariam also stressed that the neither the UAE nor Saudi Arabia consulted Ethiopia before reaching the agreement with Eritrea. As a result, there will be reprisals if their military and logistical operations enrich Eritrea to attack Ethiopia. “We have also stressed that they will bear the consequences of our response if their operation in the area supports the Eritrean regime’s destabilization agenda against Ethiopia,” Hailemariam said.

“Although we understand their objective, we were not consulted before the countries reached this agreement. We have a right to protect the sovereignty of our country. And this might depend on the actions of the Eritrean regime.” Hailemariam dismissed reports that Saudi Arabia and the UAE leased the Port of Assab from Eritrea for 30 years. According to him, there is no evidence that such a deal was reached. Tensions still abound between neighbors Ethiopia and Eritrea who fought a war from May 1998 to June 2000.

Ethiopia’s warning echoes that of the UN, which said Eritrea could violate Security Council resolutions if they divert the compensation received from Saudi Arabia and the UAE “towards activities that threaten peace and security.” Saudi Arabia and the UAE reached the agreement with Eritrea earlier this year after Djibouti turned down a similar proposition. However, Eritrea which has been described as Africa’s North Korea due to its closed borders, accepted the deal. Reports indicate that as part of the deal, the Arab coalition would give Eritrea fuel and financial compensations, which would go a long way to fund the heavily sanctioned government.

The Arab coalition has reportedly also signed a similar deal with Sudan. Both Eritrea and Sudan have reportedly provided 400 and 300 soldiers respectively for the coalition’s campaign in Yemen. The coalition is trying to reinstate President Abdurabuh Mansur Hadi, who was forced to flee to Saudi Arabia last year after Houthi rebels took over the country’s capital Sana’a. Source: zegabi




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10 Responses to “Ethiopia: President Warns Saudi Arabia and UAE of Consequences if Eritrea Attacks”

  1. Michael

    Ethiopia 90 million people
    Eritrea 7 million people.
    Eritrea is busy building roads, schools, Upgrading medical services, Micro dam and surface water dam building, upgrading Agriculture, Land terracing and forests with tropical fruit trees…..
    Why on earth would they try to invade?
    Remember the millennium goals?

    1. Kumsaa

      You are utterly wrong. The present Ethiopian government does not represent 95% Ethiopians. The ruling clique is composed of looters fron Tigrai who are the most hated people i the country. If there is war between Eritrea and Ethiopia, I am sure most Ethiopians will support Eritrea to remove a Tigrean aparthied that we have in Ethiopia. In short more than 90 % Ethiopians will support Eritrea rather than the Tigrayan mafi looters.

  2. YS Bah

    Eritrea haa no interest to invade or start war against any country.Ethiopia already has occupied Eritrea ‘ s land but is waiting the UN resolution to prevail.Ethiopia’s worry comes from its frustration with Eritrea ‘ s progress despite UN sanctions.

  3. Kodar Agame


  4. haben

    It is expected from Ethiopia….go back to history and you will find everytime Ethiopia is in internal turmoil the government of ethiopia tries to create a new problem with Eritrea to divert attention…and it always fails…..

  5. Fethi W.M

    Well, it’s good that the Eritrean government is manipulating the Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen in their favor.

  6. Berhe Tensea

    The mafia regime in Eritrea is only interested grabbing cash at any cost. The regime is a total failure , economically .Corruption and economic decline prevalent , the regime dep ended on donations from zombies abroad and local extortion , and what it collected was mostly lost in paying the thousands of security personnel, and in building and running hundreds of prisons scattered all over the country.
    The regime, therefore, will not care about any thing like selling the port of Asab and parts of the Red Sea around it.

  7. a azeez

    The current government in Eritrea have degraded the sovereignty of that country by hiring its land and the sea to every dick and harry and making life for the its citizen hell on earth….I do not any longer know who is ruling Eritrea today, for a real and nationalistic Eritrean would not abuse their country and country men in the manner manifested.

  8. Ethiopian

    I hate that people talk about war between two countries that are one and the same we should be family and unite instead of fight and argue about politics. We are not ruled by our government we are ruled by our people. People have more pawer than any organization. Let’s start a movement #unite_Ethiopia_and_Eritrea. One people one family one love one culture. We are blessed to be alive in the best place known to man kind Ethiopia and Eritrea . UNITY, LOVE AND ONE NATION. #WE_WANT_OUR_BROTHERS_AND_SISTERS_BACK.

  9. Bakimos

    I’m here laughing at most of you! regardless of the tribe you come from, it’s pointless. The wealthy is only looking to stay wealthy, even in Ethiopia or Eritrea! You guys and girls are caught up trying to bring one another down while the elite keep most of the money, get the best healthcare & education! I’m sure right now you read my message & youre probably like nah bullshit! Just like like a typical problematic Habesha! Be apart of the solution not apart of the problem! Wake up please!

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