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Ethiopia: Nine Political Parties (NEBE)

Addis Ababa (HAN) December 12, 2019. Ethiopian Elections 2020 – Political parties legalizations.

Ethiopia: National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) issues certificates of recognition for nine political parties.

They are:

Afar Peoples Justice and Democratic Party (APJDP),

Afar Peoples Liberation Party (APLP),

Gamo Democratic Party (GDP),

Mocha Democratic Party (MDP),

Kucha People Democratic Party (KPDP),

Kafa G Party (KGP),

Freedom and Equality Party (FEP),

Wolaita National Movement (WNM),

and Somali Unity Party (SUP).

Source: FBC

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Update: Jawar Mohammed’s red-carpet return signals Ethiopia’s political sea change:

As Jawar had promised his supporters – mostly young, politically active Oromo men known as the Qeerroo. He took off his shoes and walked prophet-like through the streets of the city. He then planted a tree at the site where a young man was killed by security forces nearly 15 years ago, long before the rise of the movement that threw him into the national Ethiopian spotlight.

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