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Ethiopia: New Cabinet list with No Muslim Leadership

London (HAN) October 7, 2015 – Public Diplomacy and Regional Press Release for Updated News. Breaking News with Opinion from Ethiopian Diaspora Leaders.
Ethiopia’s Prime Minister appointed thirty Minsters this week. It is the biggest cabinet appointment since Hailemariam took oath as Prime Minister of Federal Ethiopia, still the open Muslim fever has not yet subsided.

According to the leader of the Ethiopian Diaspora Business Forum, “the underlying question will open a new conversation within the notion of the federal system and the New Ethiopia”

Ethiopian new cabinet’s decision makers and policy makers are all Christians with no Ethiopian Muslims in any one of the top three positions (Prime Minister or the other three deputy Prime Minister)

  1. Hailemariam Dessalegn, Prime Minister
  2. Demeke Mekonnen, Deputy Prime Minister and social cluster coordinator
  3. Debretsion Gebremichael (Phd), with rank of Deputy Prime Minister , Minister of Communication and Information Technology and Finance and Economy cluster coordinator
  4. Aster Mamo, with rank of Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Civil Service and Human resource Development and Good governance cluster coordinator
  5. Siraj Fegessa, Minister of Defense
  6. Dr. Tedros Adhanom, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  7. Kassa Teklebirhan, Federal Affairs Minister
  8. Getachew Ambaye, Minister of Justice
  9. Abdulaziz Mohammed, Minister of Finance and Economic Cooperation
  10. Teferra Deribew, Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resource
  11. Sileshi Getahun, Minister of Fisheries and Livestock
  12. Ahmed Abitew, Minister of Industry
  13. Yakob Yala, Minister of Trade
  14. Abiy Ahmed, Minister of Science and technology
  15. Workneh Gebeyehu, Minister of Transport
  16. Mekuria Haile, Minister of Houses and Urban Development
  17. Ambachew Mekonnen (Phd), Minister of Construction
  18. Motuma Mekassa, Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy
  19. Shiferaw Shigute, Minister of Education
  20. Tolosa Shagi, Minister of Mines
  21. Dr. Kesetebirhan Admassu Minister of Health
  22. Abdulfetah Abdulahi Minister of Labor and Social Affairs
  23. Aisha Mohammed Mussa Minister of Culture and Tourism
  24. Zenebu Tadesse Minister of Women and Children Affairs
  25. Dr Shiferaw Teklemariam Minister of Environment and Forestry
  26. Redwan Hussien Minister of Youth and Sports
  27. Demitu Hambissa Minister of Public Enterprises
  28. Beker Shale, Director, Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority
  29. Getachew Reda, Minister of Government Communication Affairs
  30. Asmelash Woldesillasie, Government Whip
  31. Dr Yinager Dessie, Minister of National Plan Commission


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4 Responses to “Ethiopia: New Cabinet list with No Muslim Leadership”

  1. ABUSH

    What is your intention? Make it clear please. But i think you are the one that is sowing fire. This is politics it is not about religion, and we don’t have religious parties. Try to understand the politics here first. BUT I AM CURIOUS ABOUT YOUR INTENTION AND THE FALSE MESSAGE YOU ARE PROPAGATING.

  2. ahmed

    There is no muslim or Christian Party in ethiopia what so you mean by saying no muslim .i understand your intention of creating divide which is futile so shut your mouth as a Christian which is converted from Islam i know what you believe is a lie and baseless.

  3. Adebecho

    One of the deputy PM is also Muslim from Wello.

  4. Gemal

    You are idiot?

    Abdulaziz, Siraj, Ahmed, Abiy Ahmed , Abdulfetah, Aisha, Redewan, who are those?

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