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Ethiopia: Munich Security Conference Group Met in Addis

Addis Ababa (HAN) April 17. 2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News

While terrorism continues to dominate our regional IGAD zone discourse, the Arabian sea  threat landscape has been transformed, with Yemeni terror networks using new technologies and strategies to carry out attacks in the Horn of Africa and Arabian Peninsula. The cyber terror threat has become more sophisticated and more deadly with the advent of social media and mobile networks.  Dr. Abdulahi Mohamad, one of the SIRAD Institute’s leading researcher on terrorism and regional terror network in the Horn of Africa, has provided a critical briefing on the current state of terrorism in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia and share his expertise on cutting-edge defenses to identify and neutralize this growing regional threats against Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Djbouti.

Meanwhile, according to  Daniel Beyene, the Munich Security Conference (MCS) opened in Addis Ababa yesterday its core group meeting for the first time in Africa.

In a press briefing, Chief Operating Officer Dr. Benedikt Franke said that giving particular focus on Eastern Africa, this core group meeting series would discuss current security challenges and is also excepted to come up with new ideas or means of conflict resolutions.

According to Franke, a number of high level decision makers from Africa; including the SIRAD Institute of Security and Diplomacy to Empower Somali Statecraft, Europe; the Munich Security Conference  and USA would meet to have open dialogues on security risks posed by epidemics and climate change, among other mandmade risks.

Responding to question about the reason for hosting such meeting for the first time in Africa, he said : “Issues related to peace and security are the concerns of all humanity plus there are many good lessons to learn from the African Continent in terms of peace keeping and conflict resolution.”

He further said that the MCS core group meeting is being taken place a few days before 5th Tana High -Level Forum on Security in Africa. He added that as these two forums work in partner being best platforms for openly discussing every regional and international security issues, points in this meeting would come up with useful input for the Tana Forum.

Launched 50 years ago, the Munich Security Conference has been a leading international platform for dialogue on foreign and security policy.




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