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PM Abiy, President Uhuru

Ethiopia, Kenya launch Trade corridor to deepen bilateral trade, investment

Addis Ababa, December 9, 2020 – In the beginning of his official visit to Kenya at Marsabit County, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said that Ethiopians and Kenyans are one people and one family into two countries with artificial border.

“This artificial border, in my opinion, will be dismantled with the new infrastructure. This new infrastructure will bring the two family which is living into countries to come together and to tap the untapped potential and lots of opportunity on business, economy, and so many other social aspects including tourism.”, Prime Minister Abiy said.

The inauguration of Hawassa-Bule Hora-Yabelo Mega concrete asphalt Road Project and One-Stop Border Post in Marsabit County is one of the key milestones for the two people to exchange experiences, investment, trade, and tourism, Abiy said, adding that this will continue to the other neighboring countries to integrate the whole East Africa as one family.

He stressed need to further collaboration between Ethiopia and Kenya to maintain peace and security in the area, adding that peace is the foundation for everything the two countries are aspiring to transform the lives of their people.

“If we could eliminate al Shabaab and OLF from this region, you can see how these people can be transformed into one family, one country, one people with great joy and cooperation.”, Prime Minister Abiy noted.

Regarding the inauguration of the border post, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyta, to his part, said the two countries have demonstrated the political goodwill to address the challenges and impediments facing business communities from both sides.

“In addition to facilitating trade between our two countries, the border post will also enhance interactions among our people and create synergy as well as unity of purpose.”, president Uhuru Kenyata stressed.

President Uhuru Kenyta added saying: “There are considerable untapped potential for greater trade and investment opportunities. I urge the business communities from both sides to capitalize on this potential and technical advantage of the infrastructure being developed to enhance trade and investment.”

“My country is committed to continue working with yours in developing mechanisms and to promote bilateral trade and investment and maintain peace and security.”, President Uhuru Kenyata underlined.




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