Ethiopia: Japan Business Investment for Geothermal Activities

Addis Ababa (HAN) November 5, 2015 – Public Diplomacy and Regional energy stability Initiatives News. – Japan Pledges to Support Ethiopian Geothermal Development. Japan Business Investment .

Japan is ready to support the geothermal development activities of ‪‎Ethiopia, according to ‪‎Japan‬ International Cooperation Agency (‪‎JICA‬).
Speaking at the opening of a geothermal development workshop, on November 4/2015 in Addis Ababa, JAICA Representative Mayumi Hayashi said the government of Japan is ready to support Ethiopia to generate more geothermal energy.
JICA has finalized maps for 22 geothermal sites in Ethiopia, the representative added.
Hayashi stated that Japanese companies will come to Ethiopia to invest in the energy sector.
Japanese Business Alliance for Smart Energy (JASE) General Manager, Shuji Kimura said on his part the collaboration in the energy sector will continue.
Geological Survey of Ethiopia (GSE) Director-General, Masresha Gebreselassie pointed out that Ethiopia is eager to learn from Japan about generation of electric power from geothermal energy.
Ethiopia will start expansion activities to produce 70MW from Aluto Langano with an outlay of over 30 million USD, he pointed out.
The director-general added that the geothermal master plan preparation is well underway. The master plan helps to identify geothermal sites that produce more energy from geothermal.
The government of Japan is providing new technologies, skill, knowledge and finance as well as appraisal studies to generate electricity from geothermal, he pointed out.
Japan is the third geothermal energy producer country in the world.  ENA

last year: The 2nd Africa – Japan Business Investment Forum brought together some of the key actors in the Japanese and African business
Photo: PGI-NRI Director Jerzy Nawrocki and GSE Director General Masresha Gebreselassie signing Memorandum of Understanding


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